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I have an individual in my life Whom every time I ask how are you? He responds "living the dream". The other day It struck me funny when I asked a neighbor how he was? He responded "living the dream". I asked him what that meant to him. He was at a loss for words. At that moment a woman across the street holding a baby caught my eye. They were waving at each other. I then responded it looks like you are happy. He responded in the affirmative.

Are you living the Dream. What is it in your life that makes you happy? What brings you Joy? If you are not experiencing Joy Why not? Do you have a hobby you love to do? Are you anxiously involved in a cause to help others? Are you loving what you do to make a living? Are you Living the Dream or are you just living a mediocre life. Just putting in your time until you check out.

Stop sitting on the fence post, take action, Start Living the Dream.

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