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Have you ever had that occasion where you knew you needed to put something away and you knew this would be the perfect place? Well the perfect place later on did not come to my remembrance right away. Instead I brooded for over a week. Where did I put that beautiful lit up artificial fir garland. I did not want to dig through the massive hysteria of boxes and tubs that reside in my garage. This seemed like too much work. Well there I was confronted with several possibilities. The first; leave the banister and railing bare; for the holidays. The second lose my mind looking feverishly through boxes. The third go to the store and purchase some more. None of these sounded particularly appealing. As I resigned myself to a fate of a year with no lit firry banister a thought came to me. Where would I have put the garland last year? As I was puzzling over another quandary, another (mia) item; a tree skirt came across my radar. Suddenly late last night as I reflected on the disappearance of said items, it came to mind. If I were a tree skirt, I would be with the tree. Then the thought came to me If I were a lighted firry garland maybe I would sneak my way into an artificial tree box. Wow! This morning I found a lighted firry garland and a tree skirt with an artificial Christmas tree. Bring on the festivities. We have two Christmas trees, an adorned railing with a lighted firry garland and lots of presents to wrap. New quandary where did I put the wrapping paper the tape and the bows?

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