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What's in a name

You are probably wondering where I got such an amazing name for my essential oil business. It all started with a partnership that started just less than 8 years ago when Ken and I met. I lived in Utah and was mourning the loss of a spouse and he lived in Arizona and was mourning the loss of a spouse. We met on a dating site and started facebooking each other then it turned into a visit to Arizona and then another visit to Arizona. One thing led to another before I knew it we were married and my initials changed from H.S. to H.A. and then there was K.A. we tried kaha and it did not work and then he suggested we put me first as he has done since we first met and haka wellness was born.

Upon further research I discovered that there was a dance in New Zealand called the Haka dance which is performed by the Maori warriers before battle and is also performed as a gesture of respect

at gatherings during times of peace. What does this mean to me. Since I have found these essential oils I have discovered a new way of helping my family and friends to strengthen themselves against harm by providing natural safe and effective ways of supporting their health. Whenever I think of haka I am reminded of a community of warriors in battle to protect our homes our families and our communities.

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